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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

My good friend Gary has been admitted to ICU down in London. He became unwell five days after returning from an aborted holiday to Tenerife. He had a fever for a few days followed by a cough and then developed breathing difficulties. He spent a couple of days on the ward before his condition worsened and was transferred to the ICU a few hours ago. As yet I don't know how he's doing.

Gary is a decade older than me in his early 60's. He lives down in London and is part of my group of friends that ride mountain bikes. We last rode together in Arizona in November. He is as strong as an ox and the fittest person I know who is in receipt of a free bus pass.

With my Intensive Care hat on I know that, even if ventilated, his chances of surviving this are good. Without that hat I am very worried about my friend...

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